Photo Booth

Want to spice up your wedding reception? A Cool Shots Photo Booth is the perfect spice.  We offer the Cool Shots Mini Booth in the Birmingham, Alabama area and it’s a blast!

Having activities besides dancing at your reception is a great way to ensure all of your guests have a great time. Our photo booth is a nice escape from dancing and also creates a space for people to hang and socialize.

If you have been to an event or party where there was a photo booth you know what a blast they are. Why not bring that fun to your wedding reception?  Your friends and family will end up with momentos of the occasion and the memories will be captured.  Think how fun it is to check out everyone’s pictures at the end of the night and you can post to social media immediately.  We have props as well. Your pictures will be so unique and one of a kind.

Your creativity is the only limit on the awesome pictures you can produce.  Our professional and well-trained staff will ensure your experience is top notch. They will handle all setup and assist with camera operation.

Don’t delay, give us a call to reserve your wedding reception photo booth from Cool Shots.