Corporate Events

Too much work and no play? Why not reserve a Cool Shots Photo Booth to promote your business or put on a fun event for your employees.

At Cool Shots, we understand that you are looking for ways to inject your company into the minds of clients. Your are looking for unique and fun ways to entertain, engage your clients and future customers at events like trade shows, annual conventions, grand openings, product launches etc.

We are looking for unique ways and we want to sit down and bounce around ideas how we can do a custom install for an event with unique backdrops, movie gifs, still pictures and make sure that they are socially shared.

Imagine if you will….. a trade show. You ask prospective customers to give you contact info. Is it correct? You hand them a brochure, does it end up in a bag with hundreds of other fliers and business cards?

We have a solution, a very unique one. Once that is proven to work.

Give us a call today to set up a time to meet with us so we can put a marketing plan in place to help you succeed!