One Thing The Royal Wedding Was Missing

It’s the latest buzz that everyone has been talking about… it’s the royal wedding.

One Thing The Royal Wedding Was Missing 3

I bet you’re thinking how in the world could the Royal Wedding be missing anything. It’s the… Royal… Wedding for goodness sake. Trust us, we know we were surprised too. For starts they broke many royal traditions which is a feat in itself. They showed that they could progress with the times… even if it is baby steps.

At the royal reception they played beer pong, ate a beautiful deconstructed wedding cake, and danced their booties off all the while George Clooney served his tequila at the bar. They even had a signature drink called “When Harry Met Meghan.” Many celebrities were in attendance including Oprah, Serena Williams and of course Elton John. So what in the world could the Royal Wedding possibly be missing?

They were missing a Ring Roamer. Before you roll your eyes and laugh, let us explain. At the reception guests were asked to turn in their phones. A classic way to keep photos from leaking. This is where the Ring Roamer comes in. When you take away cell phones, you miss out on candid moments, which are usually some of the best photos (and memories) at a wedding. While they had a professional “royal photographer” on hand it’s simply not the same. The Ring Roamer is the perfect solution to this problem because it roams and photos are taken similar to selfies but they can be kept safely for the bride or groom if desired.

They could have impressed their guests with the Ring Roamer. The product is very new, thus it would have been something they hadn’t seen before. People are always intrigued with new technology. The fun colorful lights would have attracted all the celebs… we just know it.

So there you have it. As much as we like the royals, add something truly new and exciting to your wedding. Add a Ring Roamer. For more information on having a Roamer at your event click HERE.