The Many Faces Of Our Photo Booth

The Many Faces of Our Photo Booth:

We do all kinds of fun and exciting events throughout the year. It’s not unusual to have a bride with a Darth Vader helmet or a group of guys with wigs and boas on. At Cool Shots, it’s all about having fun! Here are a few signature poses that your guests might strike at your next photo booth.


Charlie’s Angles

The Charlie’s Angles pose has been around for years. It’s a staple because you can almost never go wrong with it. If you ask us these ladies nailed it!


Duck Face

This is a relatively new pose that has taken millennials by storm. We are hard pressed to find a photo these days without at least one person making the Duck Face. It might be slightly overused but who cares, work it girlfriend!

Get Me Outta Here

It’s every parent’s nightmare. They just want one nice photo with Santa. Let’s all be honest, the screaming, crying baby on Santa’s lap photo is the BEST photo. This kid will have an epic photo to share with his friends later in life.

We couldn’t choose just one of these… there’re just too perfect!

Photo Bomber

There is a Photo Bomber in every crowd. Love them or hate them they usually make for a funny photo. Don’t take it too personal, we’re here all night, there’s always time to take another pic. Yellow hoodie guy, you’re the bomb!


Prom Pose

Prom is a night that you look forward to for years. It never fails that when it’s your turn to take a picture with your date that they ask you to do something super cheesy. People have carried on those poses and continue to keep it old school. We can dig it! Can you dig it?

The Dab

The Dab is another relatively new pose that people of all ages have tried at least once. If you haven’t we’d like to know what rock you’re living under. It’s a safe pose and you are almost guaranteed to have fun doing it. When in doubt just Dab.


As you can tell our clients have fun. Cool Shots Photo Booth is all about cool people doing cool stuff. Our Photo Booth is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and there are hundreds of themes to choose from.  If you’re interested in renting our Photo Booth for your next party check out our website and contact us at We want to see what poses your party people strike!