5 Tips To Add Fun Flair To Your Wedding

5 Tips To Add Fun Flair To Your Wedding 3

5 Tips to add fun flair to your Wedding:


If you’re cool with having an untraditional wedding, then choose a theme. Think of all the cool things that you and your groom to be love. The theme that you choose doesn’t have to overtake your big day but you can add hits of your theme throughout your ceremony or reception. You don’t have to settle on a traditional theme like the roaring twenties if that’s not your thing. Think outside of the box, if you love Star Wars go for it! It’s your big day and should be an expression of your personality!

Photo Booth

We might be a little a little bias but a Photo Booth is a must for a wedding. Not only are they a crowd favorite but they can be customized to fit your needs. If you are incorporating a theme or color scheme you can choose a backdrop and props to match. You can also customize your photo strips. Add a picture book and have one of each picture made put into the book and have your guests sign a note by their picture. This makes for an awesome keepsake. Lights, camera, reserve a Photo Booth.

Board Games or Outdoor Games

There is nothing worse than being bored at a wedding. We’ve all been to tons of weddings that we wish were over before they even began. Keep your guests entertained! If you are having an indoor reception, provide a board game section with all the classics. Monopoly might not be the greatest game unless your reception is 10 hours long, but games like Clue, Sorry, Battleship, and Apples to Apples are perfect! If you are having an outdoor wedding reception you can’t go wrong with Cornhole, Giant Jenga, Horse Shoes or Ring Toss. Want extra brownie points from your guests? Provide game winner prizes.

DJ or Band

If you want your guests to have a great time don’t skimp on your DJ or Band. You want your guests up and dancing all night long. By hiring a cheap Band or DJ or not hiring either, you could end up with a stale crowd. Hire a professional that can judge a crowd and knows when to play the perfect song to get people up off their chairs. Don’t forget to give them a must play and do not play list!


Interactive food stations

The one thing everyone looks forward to at a Wedding is the food. Skip the buffet and seated dinner and create interactive food stations. Choose 3 to 5 different foods that you love and ask your caterer to make them into stations. Keep in mind your guests when choosing your stations as well, give them at least one basic station for all of the picky eaters. Great station ideas include things like, Tacos, Mini Hamburger Sliders, Mashed Potatoes or Shrimp and Grits, Veggies and Salad, and even a dessert station. Food stations are also great because they cut down on long buffet lines and crowd congestion.

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